Amaro Aviation

FAMA – Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro


The artist Marcos Amaro transits between sculptural and installation productions of large dimensions by extracting part of the raw material from airplane carcasses and objects in disuse, amalgamated with oil, paraffin, honey, grease and other materials. From the degradation, he creates works in transformation that stand in the dichotomy of art and life. In a formless geometrism, Marcos Amaro unravels contemporary art from the disassembly, accumulation, collage, diversity of materials, dematerialization and re-signification of the object.

In 2013, the artist occupied the Galpão IV of the former Fábrica São Pedro, in Itu – a city 100 km from São Paulo. With the increasing pace of his production, the need arose for a physical space to house materials and complete his creation.

In 2018, after a period living in Brussels, Marcos Amaro returns to Brazil with a new studio – in São Paulo, dedicated exclusively to works on a smaller scale – the paintings with the materiality inherited from his sculptural production and drawings made predominantly with charcoal.

The artist’s studio is in his own house, located in the city of São Paulo, where he has been spending his quarantine. Marcos is dedicating himself more to clay, plaster sculpture, and medium and large scale paintings.

Podcast Ontologies

Podcast created to share my philosophical learnings, influences and ethical and aesthetic choices.

I also plan to publish actions from ontologies – the art group I created with Cabral, André Albuquerque (Kandro) and José Rufino.